Commercial brokering



We will make reference to your stated property requirements as advised to us previously, details of which we summarise into a document ‘Property Specification'.


If there are any details thereon with which you are not in agreement, we ask that you contact us immediately. Our appointment is strictly conditional upon your confirmation that the requirements set out on the ‘Property Specification' are correct.


We will conduct a review and search the appropriate property markets to ascertain the availability of properties that correspond with the Property Specification (i.e. ‘suitable properties').


In the absence of any contrary instruction, or agreement between us and you, we will continue the search process to locate suitable properties indefinitely. Wherever we identify suitable properties, we will undertake appropriate enquiries at the Katastrální Úřad (land registry), to ascertain the legal ownership of such properties, and will advise you the result of these enquiries.


We will obtain details of the suitable properties from the Owner(s) and where appropriate endeavor to make enquiries to ascertain details of leases, tenants, break clauses and other terms.


The results of the enquiries outlined in steps 2.4 and 2.5 above are indicative only, and do not represent the complete due diligence which would be undertaken by a qualified legal representative appointed by you. We do not warrant the accuracy of the results of the enquiries, and you or your appointed representatives are responsible for undertaking a complete due diligence process.


Whilst we will endeavor to secure a right of first refusal over the suitable properties, you accept that these rights will not always be granted. We will endeavor to advise you of the position in respect of each suitable property.


Upon instruction from you, an independent valuer shall be commissioned to provide a ‘desk top' valuation in respect of each of the suitable properties. In the absence of any specific recommendation from you, we will commission a valuer of our choice.


You accept that the results of the valuation outlined in the paragraph above are indicative only. We do not warrant the accuracy of the results of any valuation and do not warrant anything about the state of the property. You or your appointed representatives are responsible for the completion of a due diligence process.


Unless otherwise instructed by you, we will seek three alternative quotations/offers of finance from an independent mortgage broker, to provide you with a comparison of fees, rates, levels of finance and terms offered by different providers of finance.


Upon receiving confirmation from you that you wish to pursue an interest in one or more of the suitable properties we will agree the Brokerage Fee payable on signing the agreement for the purchase of the Property.


We will accompany you to viewings of the suitable properties and we will ensure that an English - Czech/Slovak interpreter is available throughout the viewing process free of charge.


During the delivery of the services, we will use our reasonable endeavors to do all things required to facilitate the acquisition of an interest in a property by the buyer, to provide services in a diligent and professional manner and also to provide you with regular progress updates throughout the delivery of Commercial Property Brokerage Services.


We are unable to perform any part of the Commercial Property Brokerage Services without first being in receipt of a signed letter of engagement.



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