We have summarised our client requirements and explain how we are able to fulfil those requirements.

Client requirement

How we fulfil the requirement

A local independent service

Based in Prague and ‘on the ground' we are able to provide an independent and unrivalled service to our clients, protecting their interests throughout the buying process. In a buoyant market enjoyed by all property sectors, deals happen quickly. We are responsive and take appropriate action to secure a chosen property.

We are not estate agents {known as ‘reality kancelars'} and consequently we are not appointed by clients to pay us to sell their property. We act for the buyer not the seller. We ask for a brokering fee which ensures independence. We do not simply offer properties to clients where we can obtain fees from the seller.

We ensure the correct procedures are followed so as to reduce such risks in acquiring property. If undertaken correctly [such as by trusted professionals known to us with whom we co-operate], in our opinion buying property is no more risky than doing so in the UK.

Our clients receive clarity of fees and charges throughout. Our fees remain fiercely competitive in the market place and we strive to be excellent value for money at all times.

Knowledge of the culture of property purchase in Czech and Slovakia

Property buying is not nearly as simple and buying in the UK - the degree of bureaucracy can make the process a full time job. It is so often the case that if something needs doing quickly, it's a case of people you know who can move the matters to the top of the pile!

Whilst investors can of course liaise directly with the numerous estate agents directly, such agents only wish to sell and the buyer will realise unless they buy [fully priced] from a developer off plan (where help will be provided by the developer), there are many obstacles in purchasing property which require a significant time commitment.

Then there are the other issues such as where to obtain trusted services required in order to complete the purchase effectively and quickly.

Our staff have lived and worked in UK and Czech/Slovakia. We understand the differences in culture.

Access to new emerging markets in Europe

Whilst international corporate and investment fund activity has been prevalent for many years, increased domestic access to such markets is now being satisfied by the explosion of low cost air travel. Improved accessibility to the Republics in the form of new routes and destinations is resulting in the region receiving heightened attention particularly in the form of tourism. The Slovak government has recently stated its intention to make further initiatives to promote tourism in the Country. The number of visitors from the UK to Czech Republic is expected to double over the next 10 years.

Knowledge of the property market segments

We are property owners in the UK, Czech and Slovakia. Due to our close proximity to the markets we are able to follow trends and form our own opinion as to market conditions in addition to keeping up to date with environmental changes which will affect the market such as changes in the rate of VAT and the phasing out of regulated tenancies. A serious investor should wish to be made aware of such issues before committing funds.

Help after purchase

Whether immigration or second home, we can help with issues such as integration into the expatriate community, schooling and nurseries. The Capital cities are fast becoming ‘a home from home' – shops, hospitals, schools all cater exclusively for other nationalities and the expatriate communities are well established. We can help our clients get the information they need.

Increased returns from property than currently being enjoyed in other markets, whether a specific yield requirement or capital growth potential

We are able to give customer access to property markets in Czech or Slovakia with confidence. We can act professionally and quickly.

Having knowledge of the market we are well placed to assess what returns may be possible and thus the type of property which is most suitable to achieving the yield profile required. On establishing detailed client requirements, we will sieve the potential investments and form an assessment before offering to clients, including desk top valuations and offers of finance for commercial property. We will obtain valuations to ensure targets ‘value up' as valuations do vary widely in the Republics.

The Republics are the fastest growing economies in EU and are set for further long term growth and additional convergence of income and values in line with the rest of the European region. Whilst issues remain which may have a short term effect on market sectors such as VAT changes and effects of phasing out of regulated tenancies, our clients seek the potential capital growth over the long term deriving from stable economic growth and infrastructure improvement in the region.

Leisure and tourism purchases

The trend to acquiring residential/second homes abroad continues. Whilst many continue to buy in Spain or other places in the sun, the Republics have much to offer in terms of value, scenery and undiscovered and unspoilt [often UNESCO registered] architecture. Visitors are able to enjoy excellent value compared with many other countries in the EU.

Legal advice and full title due diligence

Due to:

the lack of free market conditions until relatively recently;

the restitution of property back into the hands of owners from whom it was taken after WW2; and

the poor records and contracts maintained in the past as regards to true property ownership;

legal title to property is high risk, particularly for the foreign buyer who is presumed to be unaware of such issues and can thus be a target for fraud.

Wherever possible we recommend legal advisers who have undertaken work for us in the past. However, we do not automatically recommend a service provider with whom we have had a working relationship previously, if we feel that professional service can be better served by someone else.

Consequently, we are confident not only that the client can expect to receive a quality service but also that the clients needs are best served. Unlike our competitors, we have no ownership interests in any ancillary service provider. Thus we feel we are able to offer a truly independent service.

Mortgage products which are available to overseas buyers

Whilst commercial banking is well established, the major banks now are slowly offering an increasing level of finance available to overseas private buyers. Deregulation of banking and more diverse lending products will feature in the Republics in future. We are able to introduce clients to a UK owned independent mortgage adviser having had many years of experience in the Republics.

Spoken and written English throughout the buying process

All communications with our clients are made in plain English. All contract documentation is legally translated for the client. Whilst the language barrier is becoming less of an issue, now that English has been adopted as the international language and is widely spoken (and taught here since 1990), it is not widely spoken in Government and local authority circles which can make the buying process difficult without translator assistance.

A stable investment climate

Interest rates and inflation are low. The countries also enjoy low tax rates helping to result in a favourable investment climate which has been in place for many years. The removal of other barriers to the market (such as the need for company structure in future) may lead to increased fluidity of the market. The Republics are expected to become eligible to join the Euro within the next 4 years.

Property related services such as project management, construction, architectural and interior design services

We hold an ever expanding database of complimentary service providers who are able to act on behalf of our clients.

An approachable, personal and friendly service

We only ever provide a personal service. We do not provide ‘quick searches' which cost nothing and whose value to the client is usually little more than nothing also; or operate a scattergun approach in presenting properties on the market to a client in the hope that something will stick. Rather, we search for client requirements for a set period of time. Being part of a changing and exciting investment environment adds to our job satisfaction of providing the quality service we do. We are a small but highly motivated team who wish to please.

We take customer comments seriously. In the unlikely event of receiving unsatisfactory service we do our up most to put things right.

Full confidentiality of personal information

Full confidentiality of personal information is assured. To view our privacy policy click here.

Looking for a bespoke service

We will act for private buyers, trading companies and small investment funds/syndicates. All clients are serviced according to individual requirements.

Specific commercial business or property requirement

In conjunction with our network of contacts we are able to source commercial opportunities for sale or land/property for commercial use.

Reduced client time commitment

We do all the leg work, and bring together the skills and professions to make a package which fits customer requirements.


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