Independent brokering service for purchases of residential, leisure and commercial property in Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Welcome to Czech before you buy s.r.o. If you are considering acquiring property in Czech or Slovakia and yet do not know the process or pitfalls we can help. We act for individuals and organisations who wish to make purchases of land, buildings and businesses; for investment, commercial or industrial use.

Personal service and quality

Our mission statement: To provide a comprehensive and independent service to the purchaser of property in order to enable them to successfully participate in owning property in the Czech and Slovak Republics. We strive to provide an unequalled personal and quality service during the purchase cycle and thereafter, covering all aspects of acquiring and ongoing property ownership.

Why choose us? Compare us to others in the market.

  1. We add value. Finding the property is only the start. We present information that a buyer needs, in order that an informed decision to buy can be made with confidence. Such factual information can be difficult or time consuming to obtain and often the buyer is unable to undertake this research themselves. Typically we would report both on the property [historical issues concerning legal title, environmental history, planning permission] and area in which it is located [planned development and transport infrastructure, price comparisons].
  2. We make no charges up-front for property brokering, nor are fees payable until such time as a client signs a purchase contract to buy a property sourced by us. Our charging structure means that the client only becomes obliged to pay us after a decision to buy has been made.
  3. We do not sell property, hold property listings or perform reality agent services. We are independent and only ever act for buyers. Thus we have no motivation to hook a buyer so as to persuade them to purchase, nor can we benefit from the sale of one property over another.
  4. We can assist clients to avoid paying over the local market price. The lack of transparency enables agents to sell property to overseas buyers at inflated prices. Whilst property might seem to be ‘good value’, the same property can often be found from different sources [and at different prices]. We ensure clients are able to access the same deal as offered to the local market – with the benefit of local market knowledge.
  5. We slash the time it would take a client to identify example properties which are actually on the market at time of searching and we eliminate the need for clients to view unsuitable property.
  6. We are aware of the differences in procedures which may be apparent between Czech/Slovak markets and other markets. Thus, we manage the expectations of the overseas buyer. We advise clients of commonly occurring practices in the market.
  7. Acting as intermediary between seller/agent and buyer, we are able to help reduce emotion from the purchase and ensure that our client is aware of the facts when buying property and not the ‘selling spin’. We act as the bi-lingual focal point of communication between our clients and sellers or their agents.
  8. We are able to source on-market property quickly and efficiently – having access to databases of current agents operating in the whole of Czech and Slovakia in one place. We are able to undertake time consuming off-market property searches ‘on the ground’.
  9. We are able to bring to the attention of our clients all suitable developments available, not simply the ones which are being publicised in overseas markets, which may be slow to sell in the local market due to price or other reasons. We can also comment on the buyer profile of a development and how this may impact on how the development is managed in future.
  10. We organise the purchase of a chosen property from start to finish in return for a fixed and pre-determined brokerage fee. We are small and pro-active. Our clients receive personal service from and regular contact with the owners of our business.

If buying in the Republics, you will become aware that there are many other organisations, whose internet sites offer product for sale. Such product is often no longer available on further enquiry, may not be in line with your requirements or, may be restricted to one or two developments, of which, there are always many more available; possibly more in line with your requirements.

At all times our clients benefit from us being ‘on the ground’ protecting their interests throughout. We make no promises as to availability, yields, expectation of price growth etc. However we will impart our knowledge and beliefs concerning the market for the benefit of client decision making.

Based in the capital of Czech Republic, Prague, we can:

Before purchase:


Source potential properties or business opportunities (on or off market)


Conduct assessment of the property to confirm suitability to your needs


Negotiate with the seller on your behalf


Introduce clients to an independent mortgage broker for finance


Introduce clients to lawyers known to us to undertake property title due diligence and conveyancing


Assist clients to put in place a suitable legal structure [SPV] to enable purchase


Arrange title insurance (where considered necessary)


Introduce clients to surveyors and valuers and arrange services to be undertaken


Undertake accounting, completion of mandatory tax returns and company secretarial services


On behalf of the client, we will oversee the purchase transaction and act as conduit throughout the process

After purchase:


After sales service


Locate appropriate tenants and manage property bought for investment


Arrange an introduction to professionals who can undertake project design, costing, planning, management and construction


Arrange an introduction to firms offering other services required such as interior design

All contact with our clients in respect of any of the services available through us is conducted in English or Czech when required.

Legal terms of provision of the brokering services can be found on the following pages : residential and commercial.

We are members of the Central European Real Estate Associations Network {CEREAN} and follow ethical guidelines set out by the Association concerning our relationships with clients.

Thank you for looking at this site and we hope we can be of service to you.


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