Company secretarial, accountancy/bookkeeping, submission of compliance returns for tax authorities


Should property be acquired through a corporate SPV, the company used must be properly maintained. In practice this involves:

Undertaking company secretarial matters

Preparation of accounting records in accordance with applicable legislation

Preparation of annual accounts (in accordance with applicable accounting standards)

Preparation and submission of tax returns

Auditing (subject to size limits set out under international auditing standards)

All companies require a registered office the address to where official mail concerning the company will be sent. We are able to provide a registered office for our clients and to take instructions from you as regards management of the company on your behalf.

We are able to both undertake these administrative matters for you ourselves, efficiently and cost effectively, in association with tax advisers in Czech or Slovakia with whom we co-operate, or we can assist you to appoint advisers of your choice.

Work undertaken will be subject to standard charges, dependent upon the size and activities of the company concerned. Details of our standard charges are available on request.


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