Other services that we can offer


Exit strategy planning

We have contacts with major firms of accountants in the UK and Czech Republic who are able to undertake high level exit strategy planning. Such planning may involve the setting up of trust structures and use of off shore tax heavens to shelter future gains and the use of company structures.

For smaller investments some degree of cost effective planning may be possible in conjunction with advice received from your own existing tax advisers. We shall be pleased to introduce you to Czech and Slovak advisers. Tax rates in respect of both personal and corporate tax in the Republics are generally less than those in the United Kingdom.

Valuations and surveys

A lender will appoint their own valuer when obtaining funds for property purchase. Additional valuations and surveys of property can be commissioned in accordance with client requirements. We can make available such services to our clients on request.

Valuations and vary widely due to the relatively young free market and rules under which valuations are prepared.

Interior design and furnishing

Whether required for a large villa or smaller flat, such services can be obtained from the biggest firms operating in the Republics on request. We shall be pleased to oversee your requirements on request.

Specific market research

Should specific market information be required prior to making investments throughout the eastern European markets, we are able to source independent research firms who will be able to undertake bespoke research on request. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Other countries which may become eligible to join the EU in future

Property investors continue to look further east in search of new opportunities, higher returns [and higher risk]. We are constantly reviewing these markets and expanding our small [but growing] network of contacts outside the Republics in the areas of legal and financial services. Team members travel to such countries on business and for leisure. We feel that independent advice is difficult to source in these markets. We may be able to help if you are interested in these markets please feel free to call us.

After sales service

Should you require help in establishing a presence in the Czech or Slovak Republics we are only too pleased to help. We can help you with matters such as:

Giving help on day to day administrative matters

Help in meeting others in the expatriate community

Obtaining formal or informal translation services

Help finding temporary accommodation

Charges for other services

Services other than for brokering (where fixed fees apply) are subject to separate charges. We are pleased to provide a fixed cost quotation for ad hoc projects (such as provision of an s.r.o or letting a property) other matters will be subject to our standard charges per hour plus disbursements at cost. Details are available on request.


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