Property renovation and subsidiary services


We are able to introduce clients to a network of service providers who co-operate together to provide a complete service in the area of real estate. With a focus on identification and quantifying of project risks at the outset, clients can be assured that time and money will not be wasted. Client needs are identified and solutions created in the areas of:

Sales and purchase of real estate

Project preparation


The appointment of legal advisers, accredited architects, civil engineers, project managers, real estate agencies and developers of private or corporate property can be achieved ‘under one roof'. Members of service providers to the team enjoy long standing co-operation, mutual trust and commonly shared values and who adopt set procedures.

We summarise the services available to all sizes of projects:

Property - sale and purchase of all types of commercial and private real estate

Legal - specialist property legal advice concerning:


the construction and rebuilding of the property

contractual assurance of property transfers

contractual documentation linked to the tenant and subtenant relationships

formulation of contract documentation – commercial, civil and industrial law

real estate register or offence proceedings



initial design

obtaining of territorial ordinance

planning permission

design of interiors

sourcing optimal suppliers

construction supervision



estimates, budgets

value engineering and cost management

Engineering of project:


area management (project location, screening of plot and engineering system, verification of rights, other investigations)

adjustment of the project and liaison between the public service authorities and the investors to obtain permissions

obtain the planning permission

securing of contractual relations for the construction process (documentation for selective procedure, agreement conclusion with selected contractor)

construction realisation activities (technical supervision of a civil engineer, compliance with the project design and planning permission, obtaining of essential permissions in case of construction modification, settlement of contractual relations)

building inspection proposal in compliance with the requirements of inspection authorities

consulting and advisory services

construction proposal

submission of documentation for the removal from the Woodland Fund and the Agricultural Land Fund

geodetic services

project coordination



finished buildings

buildings under construction

professional liability insurance for developers

life insurance

It is essential that a trusting working relationship exists when undertaking property development in the Republics just as it does anywhere else in the world. Whilst there is an extensive supply of building contractors with the necessary skills to do smaller renovation projects, works which are fully compliant with building regulations with correct documentation enable property investments to be disposed of later without problems.

We are experienced in such issues on a personal level and recognise the importance of obtaining the correct documentation [which is extensive] in relation to any project size.


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