Residential brokering



We will make reference to your stated property requirements as advised to us previously, details of which we summarise into a document ‘Property Specification'.


If there are any details thereon with which you are not in agreement you must then contact us immediately. Our appointment is strictly conditional upon your confirmation that the requirements set out on the ‘Property Specification' are correct.


We will conduct a review and search the appropriate property markets to ascertain the availability of properties that correspond with the Property Specification (i.e. ‘suitable properties').


In the absence of any contrary instruction, or agreement between us and you, we will continue the search process to locate suitable properties for a period of two months.


Where required by you, we will compare suitable properties to the Property Specification and assess other related factors such as price based upon possible rental yield and loan to value calculations. You accept that the results of the such market analysis provided by us does not constitute a recommendation to buy and shall not be relied upon, by you, on making a purchase decision.


We will forward to you details of suitable properties for consideration.


We will forward to you further details of the suitable properties in which you have expressed an interest.


We will arrange two viewings per individual property requirement, of any suitable properties and we will ensure that an English - Czech/Slovak interpreter is available throughout the viewing process free of charge. Additional viewings per individual property requirement are subject to additional charges payable at our standard published rates.


We will negotiate the price and terms with the seller and their agent on your behalf on your request. You accept that we cannot give any guarantee [or make any representation whatsoever] as to the fairness of the price agreed with the seller, as being considered to be an ‘arms length', fair market price for the particular property concerned, irrespective of any information available or not available to us, which might be considered relevant, at the time of negotiation. Under no circumstances do we prepare valuations of properties sourced. In addition, we will not be held liable under any circumstances for any direct or indirect losses that may be incurred by you or any other party if a price agreed is declared by any third party as not being considered to be the fair market price at the point in time of conclusion of the negotiation.


During the delivery of the services, we will use our reasonable endeavors to do all things required to facilitate the acquisition of an interest in a property by the buyer, to provide services in a diligent and professional manner and also to provide you with regular progress updates throughout the delivery of Residential Property Brokerage Services.


We are unable to perform any part of the Residential Property Brokerage Services without first being in receipt of a signed letter of engagement.




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